October 18, 2011

Starting to get the hang of things

I'm finally getting back into school girl mode, it was about time! Now that I got a feel for how all my classes are like, it's all a matter of time management. I'm motivated to transfer out and move to SF, my goals are still a long way a way but as long as I'm getting there in baby steps I'll be happy.

Motivation seems to be a reoccurring theme this week, from school to even wellness. I feel like I'm going through my improve wellness phase. Decided to eat healthier (i.e. cutting out soda), exercising again and allowing myself some good quality rest when possible from now on. I ran for the first time today and to be quite honest it was rough, but with a little regularity and drive I'll be back to where I wanna be. My goals to  do intervals of ab and leg work outs and cardio three times a week. Probably not on the days I have work, my schedule would be too cramped.

So here's to motivation and to those who help you want to be a better person in more ways than one.

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