November 28, 2011

Boys Noize at the Mezzanine | San Francisco, California

Boys Noize at the Mezzanine for my 21st birthday, what a way to submerge myself into the not so glamorous life of a 21 year old. The event was indeed 21+ and was definitely a different perspective on going to events I'm used to going to. I was kinda iffy since I've never been to a 21+ event, though I have been at the 21+ VIP area before at Ruby Skye. The crowd was different and pretty interesting, not expecting such a crowd to listen to Boys Noize. The venue was spacious, but of course nothing short of sweaty, interpretive dancing, large men and women going buck wild. 

Let's just say, I started the night off ordering my first drink: an AMF followed by a Redbull Vodka and lots of drunk sloppiness and fun ensued.

"So it begins ..."

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