December 7, 2011


Growing up, there's always going to be sacrifices you're going to have to make. From things you held important to you once before, might have to be something you let go in order to live a more comfortable life- if not is necessary to move on.

Every day I feel an internal struggle, nights do not always promise sleep, sweet dreams aren't always sweet and new days don't always mean fresh starts. I feel as if this constant annoyance is reminding me of all the things I intended to change in my life, but have failed to do so. From finally accepting myself for who I am, self- love and finding a balance in life ... the ways of life seem to have kept me away from achieving these things by distracting me with other events, that I may or may not have handled so well. I'm pretty sure the amount of medication I'm taking right now is just tacking onto the stress with all it's side effects as well, it scares me.

It honestly feels like, no one understands what I'm going through and that no one can help me but myself. 

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