June 21, 2012

Save Our Shores: Beach Cleanup at Moran Lake Beach

I've been wanting to do a beach clean up for the longest time and though many of my friends may not have the same passion for Earth conservation or love for the ocean I was willing to do it alone. However, my brother did come with me to this clean up event and grabbed a few scoops of ice cream at Marianne's. Such a rewarding day to be out cleaning up the beaches, soaking in the warm rays in Santa Cruz and driving with the convertible top down all the way back up 17.

June 20, 2012

Crossing my fingers!

It's always great to see other bloggers who have the same passion for makeup, fashion and great hauls all posted in one spot. Though, we all have our different reasons for starting up a blog it's reassuring to see so many people documenting their lives, interests and style. I know I started my blog as a continuation from my previous blog in hopes of expressing myself and looking back to lessons learned. However now, that is not the sole case in my blog ... it's more documenting events and simple joys I really care about.

So from one blogger to another ... cheers to many more hauls, swatches, giveaways & instagram pics.
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June Instagrammed


Make up collection / Little Chef Counter  / Melon Mamba's at Blush Raw Bar & Lounge / High temps in SJ / St. John's Bar & Grill w. the bf / Poolside