September 28, 2012

Self Renewal

Now that I've finally completed my first week of classes, I've come to understand that the feelings I've been experiencing. It's what I've been waiting for the past few quarters. A spark of self renewal, a new burst of motivation and optimism about my future. I've realized that hard work and baby steps is bringing me closer to the future I've always wanted. From packing my schedule with classes I was always too scared to face to commuting to a new school to get more college credits is a new change that I'm willing to take up.

I've come to accept that most of my time will be me studying and stressing over my subjects. Therefore causing me to lack a social life, but for some reason I feel like it's all worth it. That going out every other day to eat or to socialize with friends has fallen from my priorities. Although, it doesn't mean I have to quit spending time with my family, friends or boyfriend but when I have time I will be sure to spend it with them.

It's funny to think back to when I felt like I was stuck in some state of trance or void. Where it didn't seem as if I was advancing anywhere in life, I was just there. So I'm grateful, to feel purposeful again and to give everything I can to keep this motivated me going.

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