October 23, 2012

School girl mode

School has literally kicking my ass lately, but I'm still hanging in there and still trying to put up a fight. This October has been nothing but studying, good eats and cooler weather. Winter is truly coming, I can feel it in the crispness of the morning air. 

This month I also participated in the American Heart Society's Heart Walk with my mother, which was nice as we both got a light workout and bonding time in.


I also got to spend dinner with a large group at BJ's where I got to catch up with the girls over pasta and pizookie. See what I mean by good eats?

Although, I've been staying in my "cave" this past month with my nose in either a textbook or lab manual. These small outings and food cheat days seem to remind me that I seriously need a break from time to time, but even though I know I have to keep on pushing to get what I'm fighting for. Here's to education, balancing out responsibilities and putting my social life on the back burner- for now that is.

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