February 17, 2013

Under water

Winter 13' quarter is definitely consuming me.

Just like last quarter I decided to solely focus on my studies. That meant little to no outings with friends, limited time with the boyfriend and more time with my studying alone in my room. This dedication and self discipline led me to get an A in Biology and a B in Chem which was very rewarding.

However, this quarter even with the same amount of effort it's just not the same. I have added new priorities to my life and further removed most social activities out in hopes of achieving the same results as last quarter.

I guess this is just a little friendly reminder to stay motivated and disciplined in whatever you choose to achieve. A little suffering and hard work now will pay off in the end. 

February 14, 2013

My kind of flowers for Valentine's Day

Cherry Blossom & Orange Ball from Omee J (Santa Clara, California)
After a long, tedious lab working on the hydrolysis of Aspartame in Chemistry I finally got to get out of that lab and enjoy the rest of my day. My boyfriend and I decided on sushi for Valentine's day, which was perfect as I had worked up an appetite and wouldn't have flowers any other way- for the most part. We got to catch up over these beautiful dishes with more soon after, which was all I could ever want. Quality time together and eating deliciously, fresh food. It's always such a treat, as I don't see him often.

Valentine's Day is usually regarded with chocolates and romance, but I believe it's a holiday that forces people to show their significant others how much they care about them. It's not limited to your spouses or partners, but I believe surprising your family and friends with sweets or your time is the true significance of this holiday. It's a perfect reminder to show the ones you love, how much you care about them. It's really never a bad time to do so!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day, just spreading love and eating lots of chocolate on this day!

XOXO, indeed.