February 14, 2013

My kind of flowers for Valentine's Day

Cherry Blossom & Orange Ball from Omee J (Santa Clara, California)
After a long, tedious lab working on the hydrolysis of Aspartame in Chemistry I finally got to get out of that lab and enjoy the rest of my day. My boyfriend and I decided on sushi for Valentine's day, which was perfect as I had worked up an appetite and wouldn't have flowers any other way- for the most part. We got to catch up over these beautiful dishes with more soon after, which was all I could ever want. Quality time together and eating deliciously, fresh food. It's always such a treat, as I don't see him often.

Valentine's Day is usually regarded with chocolates and romance, but I believe it's a holiday that forces people to show their significant others how much they care about them. It's not limited to your spouses or partners, but I believe surprising your family and friends with sweets or your time is the true significance of this holiday. It's a perfect reminder to show the ones you love, how much you care about them. It's really never a bad time to do so!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day, just spreading love and eating lots of chocolate on this day!

XOXO, indeed.

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