March 25, 2013

Final Push

It is finally finals week it's nothing short of stress, studying, lack of sleep and exam time.

It's the final push and I feel as if I've fallen a bit short of my expectations and goals this Winter quarter. Even with the limited social activities- if I dare to say they exist and more time at home with my nose buried in a textbook or notes. I'm trying to transition this feeling of guilt and low spirits into a more aggressive type of motivation to do even better as my exams come up day by day. (Have I also mentioned I've been on this kinda low carb challenge? That may also be the reason why.)

I suppose when you view your time spent in retrospect there's always more you could've or should've done. I suppose that's a self learning lesson right there. Not surprisingly a reoccurring one.

Here's to pushing through and giving it my all.

1 comment:

  1. Hope your finals went well! I've been struggling just to get through midterm season (I'm on the semester schedule). Summer seems so far away..