April 28, 2013

Day Trip & Meeting clothesencounters | Davis, California

My friends and I decided to head to Davis for the day to visit a friend and to meet Jenn Im at the Davis flea market. Which of course I was obliged to buy her clothes, because her stuff is ridiculously awesome. I ended getting a white button up blouse with leather accents and a Motel Rocks sheer black dress with cross beading, pieces she's worn in her recent winter videos. After the meet up with Jenn we stopped by a friends and decided to grab lunch. We ended up eating at Raku Sushi, which was AYCE sushi for $12 bucks. Talk about sushi heaven! The weather in Davis was really warm, but beautiful and quiet nonetheless which made going home a bit hard. The ride home wasn't as long as I thought even with a bit of traffic and produced those rare, great car talks. So all in all, the day was perfect!